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About Asics Running Shoes 2021

ASICS has been developing sports shoes and apparel for more than 60 years.

Through their scientific approach they have created some highly innovative sports product solutions that have transformed the world of sports.

ASICS is at the forefront of the world performance sports market as the leading running shoe brand for enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

Whether at professional sporting events, the Olympics or an everyday run around a park, ASICS is the runner’s choice, providing comfort, support and a superior ride.

ASICS is unmatched for technical superiority and rigorous quality. These standards have put the company in good stead since 1949 and will remain hallmarks of the brand as it innovates and develops well into the 21st century.

ASICS understands runners and their needs, and offer total running support.

What’s in a Name?

When Mr Onitsuka needed a name for his company, he adapted a classic line that summarised his philosophy; “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” is Latin for “a sound mind in a sound body”. By combining the initials, the name ASICS was created.

ASICS running shoes 2021 (Spring/Summer)

As for Asics running shoes, the following sub-ranges are available. To learn more about these types of running shoes and what profile is right for you.

Asics Structured Cushioning Running Shoes

Structured cushioning running shoes offer a good mix of motion control and cushioning. They offer great support however are not as controlling as Asics maximum support running shoes, making them a good all-round shoe. This is the most popular category of training shoes and they are generally built on straight or semi-curved lasts to provide greater ground contact stability. If you are a mid/moderate overpronator (when the heel rolls inwards at the end of a step) with poor natural support then you should consider a shoe from the Asics structured cushioning range. 

Asics Cushioning Running Shoes

Cushioned shoes generally have no motion control features and are lighter. They are built on a curved or semi-curved last to aid and boost faster movements and feel softer underfoot. This shoe is fantastic for neutral foot types who are less than 13 stone in weight and orthotic wearers. If you have a neutral foot type but are over 13 stone in weight, consider structured cushioning shoes, which offer a little more support. If you are an under-pronator (where the foot rolls too far outward) or neutral runner with good natural support, then you’re likely to benefit the most from a shoe in the Asics cushioning range.

Trail Running Shoes 

Running off-road with your normal running shoes doesn’t give you enough support. It also doesn’t protect your feet, when you’re going over uneven terrain, that’s the most crucial part of the shoe. With the Asics Trail Running Shoes you can overcome and conquer crevices and crests with complete confidence that your trail running and hiking shoes won’t let you down. Asics’ range of trail running shoes for men and women are specially designed for even the toughest terrain, meaning you can walk or run at your own pace without fear of twisted ankles or stubbed toes. The type of trail running shoe you need depends solely on where you’re going to be running and how fast you want to go. If you’re heading to the mountains, you’ll need a shoe to suit the rocky and steep terrain. But some trail runners prefer more of a hybrid of road and trail shoe.

Asics Track and Field Running Shoes

No matter what event you’re participating in, whether that is heading around the last curve into your kick, going up over a bar, or looking to shave time out of the starting block, you need to know you can count on your footwear, to help you have the best performance possible. Asics’ men’s track and field shoes provide athletes of every level with dependable, durable and dynamic track shoes that will help you succeed in track or field. Track and Field demands a lot from your body, so you need to choose a shoe which can support rapid speeds, regular jumps and heavy landing, plus the kind of traction and grip, which will get the most out of each stride, even after a long distance. The men’s shoes for track and field have been designed hand in hand with experts and athletes to provide you with total comfort and support. They include key features like spike configuration and tough, long-lasting rubber soles using patented technology, and strategically placed support and cushioning to address each event’s needs.

Asics Neutral Running Shoes

With so many running shoes out there, it can be a difficult challenge to narrow down your choices and find the perfect pair for you. So, if you’re considering investing in a new pair of trainers, you may have heard there are different types of running shoes, including neutral running shoes. Neutral running shoes are designed for people who have a neutral, ‘correct’ running pattern. With looking at neutral running shoes, a good place to start is your running style, so if you have a neutral running style, it obviously makes perfect sense to purchase a pair of neutral running shoes.

How are neutral running shoes designed? Since they don’t need to use any special features to correct foot motion, neutral running trainers tend to feature a fairly straightforward design. They include all the common features in a running shoe, including:

  • Heel cushioning:This helps reduce the impact of repetitive pressure on the foot.
  • Built on a curved last:A ‘last’ is the mould that shoes are built on – thanks to the use of a curved last, neutral running shoes can help add that little bit of extra speed to your run.
  • More lightweight:Since they have no motion-control features built in, neutral trainers tend to be more lightweight.

While neutral running shoes will do the job for many runners, it is sometimes recommended that people who weigh 13 stone or over should consider stability trainers to give additional support for their feet. Stability trainers offer more cushioning than neutral shoes and could therefore help further reduce the risk of injury or strain.

Asics Men’s Walking Shoes

Asics men’s walking shoes are designed rather differently to the running shoes and training shoes to provide the specific performance that walkers and hikers require. These Shoes feature the latest GEL technology for excellent comfort and cushioning, our walking shoes will become the perfect hiking addition. No matter if you’re walking towards your daily step count or heading out on your weekly venture, our men’s walking trainers will be with you every step of the way. THE GEL-MISSION 3, with its rearfoot GEL cushioning and 10mm heel drop, works hard to support your feet, while the GEL-ODYSSEY features a SpEVA foam midsole and midfoot Trusstic to provide sublime cushioning and real stability on tricky surfaces.